What Is Telescopic hydraulic cylinder

In this blog, we are going to talk about telescopic hydraulic cylinders. Let’s begin with what a  hydraulic telescopic cylinder is and how it works.

It is a special kind of acting cylinder or pneumatic cylinder which provides a longer output channel with a very less compacted retracted length.

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The length of collapsed length will be 40 % less than the fully extended length depending on the number of stages.

A hydraulic telescope cylinder is also called as multi-stage cylinder in this kind of acting cylinder works in a straight direction rather than circular.

Working of the telescopic hydraulic cylinder

This cylinder consists of a series of tubular rods called sleeves and when hydraulic pressure is applied to the cylinder the largest main or barrel or the largest sleeve extends.

When these barrels reach maximum stroke then the next sleeve starts which are usually called stage and this process continues until the last barrel which is called the plunger.


They are used in the industrial field which consists of different materials and composite materials rather than classical structural steel.

It is also seen in roll-off/roll-on trucks, transfer trailers, garbage trucks, and dump truck which is used for the transport of soil material and other heavy vehicles.

Usually seen in drill rig operations these hydraulic cylinders are compact in size and straightforward like a single hydraulic cylinder and provides efficiency like double acting Hydraulic.

Different types of Telescopic cylinder

It’s important to know about the different types of telescopic hydraulic cylinders with each piece of equipment having its own benefits and very important to know about each of them.

Single Acting Telescopic hydraulic cylinder

Pretty straight forward where the cylinder is extended using hydraulic pressure to extend and gravity or other such forces to retract

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Double Acting telescopic cylinder

In double acting cylinder, hydraulic pressure is applied at the top of the cylinder which forces the cylinder back to its reset position and uses hydraulic pressure to move a piston in two directions

higher precision than a single telescopic hydraulic cylinder

Combination of single acting and double acting telescopic

Single Or Double-Acting Telescopic cylinders are single acting telescopic cylinder where one or more of the smaller stages are double acting

Advantages of acting cylinder

  •  The main advantage of using a telescopic cylinders is the ability to provide a longer duration of stroke in compact size when compared to other kinds of cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders are the simplest
  • Minimalistic design is very straightforward
  • Beneficial in places where a longer stroke is required
  • Telescopic Cylinders provide longer output channels with a very less retracted length.

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