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Canara Hydraulics are Top Hydraulic Cylinder Company In India Located at Bangalore catering to Steel Mill, Material Handling, Machine Tools, Automation, Hydraulics Process, etc.

Canara Hydraulics provides high quality custom welded hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic single-acting cylinders, hydraulic double-acting cylinders, and telescopic cylinders for a variety of industries including mining, agriculture, construction, oil, and material handling.

Every piece of work we do is unique. We are one of the leading hydraulic cylinder company in India

We are the market leader in making hydraulic cylinders for construction equipment like boom pumps, mobile hydraulics like garbage compactors, material handling equipment like reach stackers, and mining equipment like universal drilling machines.

Why we are Top Hydraulic Cylinder Company ?

Canara Hydraulics Team Of Expertise makes high-quality hydraulic cylinders to meet their customers needs.

Our team’s high-quality engineers make products with no flaws and offer high-quality services with no downtime.

Range Of Products

Our Expertise:

  • ESingle Acting Cylinders
  • EDouble Acting Cylinders
  • EMulti-Stage Telescopic Cylinders
  • EPneumatic Cylinders
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Range of Manufacturing:

  • EBore size: 40 mm to 800 mm
  • EStroke length: upto 10,000 mm
  • EWorking pressure: upto 600 bar

Types of Construction:

  • ETie rod
  • EWelded
  • EThreaded
  • EHeavy duty Bolted
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How Much Does it Cost To Replace Hydraulic cylinder?

Which Is Dependent On The Type, Size, And Amount Of Repair Work That Needs To Be Done. It Will Help Reduce Oil Consumption, Time And Efficiency While Also Lowering The Cost.

If You Are In Need Of Repair Work, There Is No Need For Concern Because Our Knowledgeable Staff Will Assist You In Making Repairs At A Reasonable Cost

Which Company Hydraulic Is Best?

Our Years Of Experience In The Field Of Hydraulic Cylinders Has Made Us One Of The Top-10 Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturers. Get In Touch With Our Hydraulic Cylinder Company

Can Hydraulic Cylinders Be Repaired ?

YES, It Can Be Get In Touch with our  Hydraulic Cylinder Company

How many types of cylinder are there?

There are Four Types

  • Single Acting Cylinders

The head end port of these cylinders will operate in a single direction. When the fluid gets pumped into the cylinder barrel, it will extend the piston rod. For generating the return operation (convert to non-pressurized state), a load string or any external force is required.

  • Double Acting Cylinders

In double-acting cylinders, both the head and rod ends contain ports for pumping fluids.  These ports will control the flow of fluid and provide movement in both directions. Pumping hydraulic fluid to the rod end will retract the piston rod and pumping fluid to the head end will extend the piston rod.

  • Multi-Stage Telescopic Cylinders

This is a single or double-acting cylinder. telescopic hydraulic cylinder are multi stage units where in Hydraulic cylinders contains more than five tubings nested inside each other.

Pneumatic Cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders, also called hydro-pneumatic cylinders, air-over-oil cylinders, or intensifier cylinders in the industry, are cylinders that are controlled pneumatically and are designed to create higher hydraulic pressures to get a stronger stroke force.

What is hydraulic cylinder used for ?

In Mobile Applications Like Excavators, Dump Trucks, Loaders, Graders, Back Hoes, And Dozers, It Can Also Be Seen In The Industrial Machinery Industry. 

How Do I Know What Size Hydraulic Cylinder To Buy ?

Consider The Size

Determining The Operating Pressure Is The First Step In Choosing A Bore Size. The Basic Operating Pressures That Are Typically Utilised Fall Anywhere Between The Ranges Of 500 And 3000 Psi.

Consider The Mount

Mounts For Cylinders Can Be Broken Down Into Two Primary Classifications: Pivoted And Straight Line. The Movement Of The Load In The Direction That Is Desired Is The Primary Consideration To Take Into Account When Choosing The Appropriate Mount For An Application.

Environmental Conditions

When Choosing The Appropriate Materials, Seals, And Finishes For The Cylinder, It Is Essential To Have Knowledge Of The Environment In Which It Will Be Used. It Is Possible To Alter The Composition Of The Cylinder’s Material In Order To Accommodate Particular Climatic Conditions.

We Will Help You Choose Right Kind Of Hydraulic Cylinder Let Our  Hydraulic Cylinder Company Take Care Of It.

Where Are We Located ?

Our  Hydraulic Cylinder Company is  Located In Bangalore, India 


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