Hydraulic System

Hydraulic Power Packs

Our Hydraulic Power Pack is a highly efficient system that is designed to provide a reliable and safe source of power to various hydraulic systems. System is usually composed of a pump, motor, reservoir, and other related components.

These Systems are designed to provide a consistent & reliable supply of power to hydraulic system, with minimal maintenance requirements. We emphasize maintaining high levels of quality in our products and providing excellent customer service.

With more than 10+ years of hydraulic power unit manufacturing experience, Canara Hydraulics, is one of the Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Hydraulic Power Packs in India.

Range of Manufacturing:

  • Electric Motor: Up to 150 HP
  • Flow: Up to 600 LPM
  • Tank Capacity: Up to 3,000 Litre
  • Operating Pressure: Upto 600 bar

Hydraulic Rotary Joints

Multiport Multifunctional Hydraulics and Hydro-Pneumatic Rotary Joints for all G/SAE port configurations, suitable for all types of earthmoving applications and various operating media.