Top 5 Advantages of using A Single Acting Cylinder

In this blog, we are going talk about the advantages of using a single acting cylinder since hydraulic cylinder comes in various types

single act cylindersDouble act cylinders, Tandem hydraulic cylinders, and telescopic hydraulic cylinders;

different cylinders as different applications and different sizes.

We are going to speak about one of the most important types of hydraulic cylinder:  single act hydraulic cylinder. If you are looking for hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in india  please get in Best Hydraulic cylinder manufacturing company. Our team of expertise will help you. Before we dive deep into the advantage of using a single-acting cylinder, let us first know what is a single-act cylinder.  

What is a single act cylinder?

The name says single act cylinder acts in a single direction. A single-acting cylinder is a type of air compressor that compresses air with a piston less efficiently than double act cylinder The force may cause the rod to extend or retract, depending on the design. Single-act cylinder creates a higher amount of force when compared to others of the same diameter. It is also called as push cylinder or, another name, a “plunger” cylinder, as the force is applied in one direction. In this kind of cylinder, the oil from hydraulic pumps flows in one single port

Application of single acting cylinder

  The single-acting cylinder is generally used in dump trucks, excavators, hydraulic jacks, forklifts, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, heating and cooling-Petroleum chemicals. These can also be used in Construction plants, internal combustion engines, reciprocating engines, pumps, hydraulic rams, and jacks. The single-acting cylinder can be accompanied with secondary components such as a Pump, motor, or internal springs.    

Where can it be used?

  • Single act cylinder is used in simple lifting jobs.
  • Single act cylinder is used in Lighting industries and commercial applications
  • Where faster retraction is not needed


The advantage of using a single-acting cylinder

  • The single acting cylinder is Inexpensive: Single-acting cylinder is very cheap when compared to double or other kinds of hydraulic cylinders
  • Minimal Design: When we speak about the advantages of using a single-acting cylinder, the important one is its simple design which leads to less maintenance
  • Fewer Seals: when compared to a double-acting cylinder single acting cylinder uses fewer seals.
  • Less Spend: single-acting cylinder has only one port which leads to less spending on valve and piping costs
  • Less Housing Space: single act cylinder requires less housing spaces when compared to other types of hydraulic cylinder

Disadvantages of using a single-acting cylinder

  • Limited Task: Single-act cylinders can’t be used for complex operations, so their capability is limited for complex tasks; it’s always recommended to use double-act cylinders
  • Reduction In work area: Since spring used in hydraulic cylinders requires more amount of space which in turn reduces the working area of the cylinder
  • Inconsistency In springs: spring used in the single-act cylinder will not be able to provide consistent strokes over time which leads to a reduction in performance
  • Breakage of seal: the fluid used in the single act tends to break due to corrosive property


A Single-act cylinder has its benefits and disadvantages based on its application and necessity; every cylinder has its advantages and disadvantages. It is always important to choose the right cylinder, know its both advantages and disadvantages and make sure what fits in. In this blog, we have listed a few of the advantages and disadvantages of using a single act cylinder. Hoping you have gained knowledge from this blog If you are looking for expert advice, make sure to contact canara hydraulics Our team will always be eager to help you and solve your issues.    

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