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hydraulic power pack manufacturers

Our Hydraulic power pack is  highly efficient systems that are designed to provide a reliable and safe source of power to various hydraulic systems. systems  usually composed of a pump, motor, reservoir, and other related components.

These systems are designed to provide a consistent, reliable supply of power to the hydraulic system, with minimal maintenance requirements. We emphasis on maintaining high levels of quality in their products and providing excellent customer service.


Canara Hydraulics is the Leading Manufacturer Of Hydraulic Power packs and Suppliers in India, and Canara Hydraulics has over 10 years of hydraulic power unit manufacturing experience

We create a variety of products that are used in industrial and commercial applications

Range of Manufacturing:

  • EElectric Motor: Upto 150 HP
  • EFlow: Upto 600 LPM
  • ETank Capacity: Upto 3,000 Ltrs
  • EOperating Pressure: Upto 600 bar

Hydraulic Rotary Joints

Multiport Multifunctional Hydraulics and Hydro-Pneumatic Rotary Joints for all G/SAE port configurations, suitable for all types of earthmoving applications and various operating media.


1) How to select hydraulic power pack?

When selecting a hydraulic power pack, it is important to consider the application for which it will be used. The size and capacity of the power pack should be suitable for the job, as well as its intended environment. Additionally, you should look for features such as energy efficiency, reliability, and maintenance requirements. It is also important to consider the cost of the power pack and any necessary installation requirements.

2) The price of a 1 HP hydraulic power pack ?

This can vary depending on  features, and size get in touch our team we are top manufacturers of power pack Canara Hydraulics

3) How hydraulic power pack works ?

In order to function properly, a hydraulic power pack will have a pump that draws oil from the reservoir, pressurizes it, and then distributes it to the actuators and any other parts of the system that require it. After that, the motor drives the pump in order to generate the necessary pressure that is required for the system to function correctly. The actuators are then provided with the oil they need to complete their tasks. Additionally, it is used to lubricate the various components of the system, which helps to reduce the amount of wear and tear that occurs on those components.

4) Why use hydraulic power pack ?

Hydraulic power packs are utilised for the purpose of providing hydraulic systems with a source of power that is both reliable and effective. They are able to generate significant quantities of force and pressure, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications due to their versatility. In addition to this, they have a low rate of wear and tear, and they are adaptable to a wide variety of temperature conditions. Because of this, they are an excellent option for a wide variety of manufacturing and industrial applications.

5) What is hydraulic power pack?

A hydraulic power pack is a piece of equipment that is employed in the process of supplying a source of power to a hydraulic system. It is made up of an oil reservoir, a motor, and a pump. The reservoir is where the oil is stored. The motor provides the motivation for the pump, which draws oil from the reservoir, pressesurizes it, and then delivers it to the actuators and any other parts of the system that require it. Any hydraulic system can benefit from the power pack’s effective means of supplying the system with the necessary power.