• Hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in India

    Hydraulic Cylinders for Mobile Equipments

    •Heavy Duty
    •Working Pressure up to 350 bar
    •For Mobile, Construction, Mining and Heavy duty   Equipments

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  • Welded Duty Welded and Bolted Type Hydraulic Cylinder

    Welded Duty Welded and Bolted Type

    •Heavy duty application
    •Compact in Nature
    •Working pressure up to 250 Bar
    •With all the types of Mounting and special mounting   features.
    •Industrial, Steel Mill, Dam gates & Multipurpose   applications.

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  • Telescopic hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in India

    Multi stage Type Hydraulic Cylinders

    •Double acting Telescopic and Multistage type Hydraulic Cylinders.
    •For long open length and short closed length.
    •Working Pressure up to 250 bar.
    •Both the ports on Rod end only.
    •For Garbage Compactors and many such other long stroke   applications.

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  • Special Custom Built Hydraulic Cylinder

    Special Custom Built Hydraulic Cylinders

    •Welded and Bolted Construction
    •Rugged and Heavy duty.
    •Working Pressure up to 350 bar.
    •For all types of construction and Material handling   application.

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  • Tie Rod Type Hydraulic Cylinder

    Tie Rod Type Hydraulic Cylinders

    •For Low and Medium Pressure.
    •Easy Maintenance.
    •Available with all type of Mountings.
    •For machine tools and other Industrial applications.
    •Working pressure up to 160 Bar.

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  • Heavy Duty Mill Type Hydraulic Cylinder

    Heavy Duty Mill Type Hydraulic Cylinders

    •Heavy Duty Application.
    •Working Pressure up to 350 bar
    •Easy Maintenance.
    •For High Pressure and High speed application.
    •For all types of Machine building and Industrial applications.

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  • Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with Valve block

    Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinder with Valve block.

    •Rugged and Heavy Duty construction.
    •Working Pressure up to 350 Bar.
    •With Special Valves as per mounting and application of the   Cylinder.
    •For Mobile, Construction and Mining application.

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  • Double Acting Cylinders with Load Holding Valve

    Double Acting Cylinders with Load Holding Valve

    •Welded and threaded Construction.
    •Working Pressure up to 250 Bar.
    •With all types of special valves as per applications.
    •Compact in nature.
    •For Industrial and Mobile applications.

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  • Hydraulic power pack manufacturers in India

    Hydraulic Power Packs

    •Compact Power packs.
    •For Single or multi cylinders operation.
    •Dock Leveler or other Material handling application.

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  • Rotary Joints

    Rotary Joints

    •For Multi Port applications.
    •For Hydraulic and Hydro- Pneumatic also.
    •Low and Medium RPM & High Pressure application.
    •Flange mounting or any special mounting.
    •Working Pressure up to 350 bar.
    •For mobile and Crane applications.

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Our Company

Canara Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.

Established in the year 1991, Canara Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.is one of the leading designers & manufacturers of Hydraulic Cylinders, Hydraulic Single Acting  Cylinder, Hydraulic Telescopic Cylinder and Hydraulic Power Pack Units. We have a excellent manufacturing facilities for Honing and other Machining Operations with all necessary inspection and testing Instruments.


Canara Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.

Canara Hydraulics maintains the highest Standards of Quality at every stage of our process to ensure zero defect products.
Stringent inspection and monitoring is maintained at all manufacturing processes. Canara Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd. is Committed towards Total Client Satisfaction.


Canara Hydraulics Pvt. Ltd.

Canara Hydraulics is known for their zero defect products and best services.
We aim for minimum down time at user level of the Equipments by providing excellent after-sales services, while maintaining a comprehensive back–up of spares & Services. We have well trained Service Personnel ...