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Hydraulic systems are invaluable across countless industries. The physics behind hydraulics is that you apply force at a specific point, which is then transmitted as energy to another point through an incompressible fluid, which is usually a type of oil or an equitable synthetic. Whether it’s construction companies utilizing hydraulics in their heavy machinery, or hairdressers pumping your chair up so that it is level with the mirror, hydraulics are being utilized all around you! We bring to you that we cater to with our hydraulic cylinders and others products. 

Construction Industry:

You will generally always see some type of hydraulic equipment on a construction site. There are backhoes, bulldozers, and excavators that all utilize hydraulic power to make massive jobs seem almost trivial. The small, flexible arms of the giant machines are powered by hydraulics to allow workers to complete tasks that would take weeks for workers alone to finish. Even smaller tools, like jackhammers, are an example of hydraulic systems.

Automotive Industry:

One of the largest users of hydraulics in the world is the automotive industry. Not only are hydraulics used to manufacture cars in factories around the world, but cars themselves utilize hydraulic pumps, hydraulic breaks and even hydraulic motors. Even automotive repair shops use hydraulics in their car lifts and other specialized equipment. The automotive industry is one of a few that uses hydraulics through the entire process of manufacturing, all the way through to the end product, and repairs.

Aerospace Industry:

If you have ever taken an airplane, you have hydraulics to thank for that shortened ride. The aviation and aerospace industries use hydraulic machinery daily to transfer people from one location to another. Take-off and landing gear are examples of hydraulic equipment that is utilized.

The great news is that whatever industry you work in, Canara Hydraulics can be your greatest ally regarding hydraulic systems and equipment! We can build you custom systems. We can be your hydraulic manufacturing company supporting your business requirements.