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A hydraulic cylinder works on a very simple principle. The cylinder barrel contains oil or some type of fluid. The barrel has a piston mounted inside it and it can be made to move in a linear route. The piston extends or retracts when force is exerted on the fluid. Hydraulic cylinders are designed taking into account the applications that they have to support. Hydraulic force is calculated by multiplying the area of the piston and the pressure inside the barrel. When checking out some of the hydraulics companies in India, you need to have a look into the following aspects. What does this include?

  • Design Standards: Do they use 2D software or 3D? 3D reduces mistakes at the engineering level. Do they have simulation facilities? Are they using pirated software? Avoid guys who use pirated stuff. Can they help you choose material based on your requirements? Can they suggest improvements based on your needs? Can they help you with the correct advice?
  • Experience and range: The range of cylinders a company manufactures gives us an idea about their design strength. Generally wider the range, better the company. When you are looking out for hydraulics companies in India, opting for one that has some good years of experience will benefit you in the long run.
  • Relevant Machinery: Having critical machinery helps them to respond to your delivery schedule. A greater concentration of in-house machinery means a lesser amount of delivery risk. Specifically look for Grinding Machine, Boring Machine, and Honing Machine.

You should be looking for value and not the cheapest option available, you want cylinders that will last as they will increase the life of your equipment, Will have reduced maintenance costs, reduced cost of repairs, higher production output due to lesser shutdowns. For further queries, you can get in touch with Canara Hydraulics today!