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Hydraulic hoses are multi-layered and typically consist of an interior tube, a woven reinforcement layer for added stability, and a cover to improve durability and protect the hose from corrosion and abrasion. Each layer is equally susceptible to premature wear if you don’t take proper precautions. Our hydraulics cylinder manufacturer company can help you with your company requirements. Get in touch with the best today!


On a construction site, hydraulic cylinders and hoses are exposed to sharp concrete and steel, along with extreme temperature fluctuations. In oil and gas applications, factors like damaging UV rays and corrosive seawater accelerate hydraulic hose damage. Even pressure spikes and heat generated by the hydraulic system can cause issues.

Here’s what you can do to prevent accelerated wear and damage:

  • Install clamps to route hydraulic hoses away from high-heat system components and prevent longer hoses from dragging or rubbing on rough surfaces.
  • Use hose guards or wraps to prevent kinking and create an extra layer of protection from UV exposure, extreme temperatures, and abrasion.
  • Place a pressure release valve near the pump outlet to reduce strain caused by sudden pressure changes.

Failure of your hydraulic cylinders can wreak havoc on your project timelines and business goals. Following the tips above and keeping accurate service records will help get the most life out of your hydraulic hoses. Contact us to make sure you are using the best hydraulic cylinders for your business needs.