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We at Canara Hydraulics manufacture all the hydraulic cylinders to guarantee their reliability and compliance with the strict self-imposed parameters regulating the company policy. Starting all the way from design and engineering, we have tested and approved every single production step. Below are the manufacturers’ steps for manufacturing hydraulic cylinders as per the demand of the customers.


  • Hydraulic Cylinder Design: Hydraulic cylinders are somewhat complex devices; they contain a wide range of components available in a large number of sizes, configurations, and materials. However, at the same time, hydraulic cylinders are quite simple, as the main structure always remains the same.
  • Materials & production planning: Selecting the right materials is a part of the careful design process. It is important to select the right steel material.
  • Machining & welding: After careful planning, it is time to start working the actual manufacturing process. The process starts with raw materials and their lathing process into ready-to-use components.
  • Collecting & Assembly: After every component is finalized, all the parts are collected from the warehouse and everything is inspected, it is time to start the assembly process.
  • Painting: After testing, the painting, coating and polishing is done. All the cylinders have an undercoat, mid-coat and topcoat of paint. The paint is sprayed onto the body of the cylinder in order to keep it watertight and prevent it from rusting.
  • Packing and delivery: Finally, the cylinders are packaged and shipped as per the customer’s needs and orders. Some cylinders go directly to our customer’s assembly line as some of them are delivered to customers’ warehouses as spare parts.

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