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As a company that specializes in the design and manufacturing of custom hydraulic cylinders, we work with a lot of different individuals, companies, and Original Equipment Manufacturers. Each of our customers has unique needs and requirements for their hydraulic cylinders, and it is our goal to provide the best quality cylinder at a fair price and at a fraction of the time it takes other manufacturers.

To help you to know what we need to get started, here are some general guidelines and information that we will need to get started. Don’t worry if you aren’t sure about some of the details, our team of engineers will walk you through the specifics of the information they need to design the correct hydraulic cylinder for the job.

The Basics

Being one of the best hydraulic cylinder manufacturers, we start all of our orders for custom hydraulic cylinders by getting the basics. This involves understanding the application of the cylinder and the installation and integration requirements in an existing system.

Our team will need to know the specifics of the end use of the cylinder including the weight it will need to bear and the height, which is particularly important for our telescopic cylinders. We will also need to know if you need a single-acting or a dual-acting hydraulic cylinder.

The engineers and draftsmen will then design custom hydraulic cylinders to meet those requirements. They will ensure that the strength, durability, load capacity, and safety features you need are included in the design and manufacturing of the hydraulic cylinder.