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From construction to manufacturing, to civil engineering – numerous industries rely on hydraulic cylinders as vital components for their equipment’s operation. While some companies offer standard options that can fit your equipment, you could possibly be making small sacrifices in fit and material choices, lowering its overall effectiveness. As a hydraulic cylinder manufacturing company in India, we aim to eliminate the guessing game. With our experience in the business we’ve learned the various need of our customers and inspired us not to create a line of stock hydraulic cylinders, but custom to your needs. Here are the key differences.


As one might expect, the costs associated with designing, fabricating, and producing a properly functioning custom hydraulic cylinder can be higher than your standard, off-the-shelf option. That being said, if the stock options are truly not the right fit for your equipment, any extra upfront costs for a custom hydraulic cylinder would be minimal in comparison to repairing any damage caused by faulty equipment.


While there are many pros to custom designing your own cylinder, one of the cons is time. While your equipment may be in a stand-still, a custom hydraulic cylinder will still need time to be designed, prototyped, and manufactured before it can help get your operations back at full-scale. If a stock hydraulic cylinder fits your equipment perfectly, you can get it back and run in no time.

Designed For You or Designed For Everyone

Functioning as designed, stock hydraulic cylinders are intended for various pieces of equipment, with external valves and pipework. Due to its all-encompassing design, you may find stock hydraulic cylinders meet some of your needs (the size of the hydraulic cylinder), while not meeting every need. In order to best mitigate this issue, talk to one of our experts at Canara Hydraulics today!