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Using the wrong type of hydraulic cylinder in an application can quickly cause mechanical faults to occur. Here are some of the main outcomes and why you should be wary of buying the wrong hydraulic cylinders:

Seal Leakage

Leaking seals are the most common trait of faulty hydraulic cylinders, which can eventually lead to bigger problems. Incorrect fitting, inappropriate metalwork clearances, and low-quality construction materials can all contribute to leakage. Low-quality cylinders can also be subject to corrosion, again contributing to seal degradation. Leakage can cause significant damage in hydraulic systems, and so it is important to source the correct type of cylinder for your application, at the highest possible quality. 

Adverse Chemical Reactions

Some manufacturers fail to mention the chemicals that can react negatively with a hydraulic cylinder. Some seal materials are incompatible with various chemicals, whether in fluid or gaseous form. Using an incompatible material in a hydraulic system damages your components and can cause the seals to fail.

Broken Eye Bearing

Using the wrong type of hydraulic cylinder can quickly result in broken eye bearings. This can happen when a cylinder is subjected to a load above its specified limit. High pressures can break the eye bearing and if the cylinder is used again, this can cause the equipment to malfunction.

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