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Do not let hydraulic cylinder drift derail your company or endanger your employees. Workplace accidents have serious legal and financial consequences. Fortunately, there are two key steps you can take to protect yourself from the dangers of a hydraulic equipment failure.

The first is to incorporate purpose-built cylinders into all of your equipment. General-use hydraulic cylinders may work for a time, but they are more prone to failures. Choosing hydraulic cylinders that are designed for your industry means that your cylinders will be more efficient and less likely to suffer from hydraulic cylinder drift.

Rapid-cycling processing equipment has different demands than slow, sustained hydraulic lifting devices. Various industries will expose their equipment to different contaminants, which must be accounted for during the design process. For example, the requirements of a marine hydraulic system will be vastly different than those placed on a food manufacturing device.

The second step to preventing hydraulic cylinder drift is to perform regular maintenance on all of your equipment. Industry-specific equipment is built to last and will do its job day in and day out, as long as you take proper care of it. Well-maintained equipment will keep your business’s operations running smoothly. To get the best equipment get in touch with our hydraulic manufacturing company in India