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The most obvious danger of a leaking hydraulic system is a catastrophic failure of the system while it is running. As simple and straightforward as it might seem, the potential for this type of accident is substantial if proper preventative maintenance and procedures are not in place.

The same thing holds true for ground support equipment (GSE) that is not properly maintained and inspected for leaking hydraulic fluid. The catastrophic failure of GSE while in use with a multi-million dollar aircraft could literally cause millions of dollars in equipment damages, not to mention the potential loss of life or serious injury to personnel.

A catastrophic failure is not the only potential risk when considering a leaking hydraulic system. Particularly in large aircraft or major pieces of GSE, hydraulic systems can be under several thousand pounds of pressure. Even a very small leak in such a system poses significant potential danger. Hydraulic fluid under several thousand pounds of pressure can cut like a razor blade penetrating clothing, skin, and bone.

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