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Hydraulic cylinders are the often-overlooked work-horses that provide functionality to a wide range of industrial equipment and mechanical applications. Manufactured for performance in the most demanding environments, they routinely last for years. But despite the inherent power and functionality, hydraulic cylinders still require regular maintenance. When performed regularly, maintenance can be quick with little downtime. If maintenance is ignored or performed improperly, cylinders can and will ultimately fail. Let our hydraulic cylinder manufactures and hydraulic power pack manufacturers in bangalore know about your particular application and we’ll find you the right product to match. 

#1: Mount Connection Failure

A cylinder is mounted through various methods: rod or barrel eyes, trunnion, flange and more. When a cylinder is over-loaded or misaligned, excessive stress is applied to the mounting connection which results in faster wear or even failure. Rod eye bushings and bearings can become worn, chipped or broken creating slop and undesirable movement.


#2: Corrosion

A common problem with hydraulic cylinders is rust and pitting of the cylinder rods and stages. If equipment is stored outside with the cylinders extended, the rods are exposed to weathering. Eventually, the rods will begin to show specks of rust that develop into pits.


#3: Fluid Contamination

Contamination of the fluid in a hydraulic system is a major cause of hydraulic cylinder failure. Foreign particles introduced into the hydraulic fluid from the external environment can scratch the cylinder bore and accelerate component wear. Liquid contaminates cause oxidation and corrosion of metal parts, resulting in the pitting of chrome and bore surfaces. 


Hydraulic cylinder repair or replacement can throw a wrench in your productivity. The best way to prevent failure is through regular scheduled maintenance. Minor issues can be identified and corrected before they become major problems with even greater consequences. Having issues with your hydraulic cylinder? Get in touch with Canara Hydraulics today!