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Boosters or intensifiers are used to create a high-pressure output from a low-pressure input. Much like how an electrical transformer works by trading current for voltage, a hydraulic booster transforms a larger volume of low-pressure fluid into a smaller volume at a higher pressure. At Canara Hydraulics, we manufacture hydraulic systems and products for sale that are designed to meet your company’s unique needs. 

Boosters can be designed to operate on a variety of fluids and can use different fluids on both the input and output sections. A common design is a pneumatic booster where shop air pressure is used to create high-pressure hydraulic oil for use in a cylinder. 

For example, a 5” bore pneumatic booster with a 1” dia ram has a ratio of 25:1 when supplied shop air at 80 psi. the unit will generate a hydraulic oil pressure of 2000 psi. This can be very useful where space is limited as the booster unit can be located remotely from the cylinder and can generate high pressure with only a common air supply. Using the 25:1 ratio pneumatic booster above in a further example if the 2000 psi output is used to drive a 2” bore hydraulic cylinder the cylinder will extend with approximately 6200 lbs of force. To achieve the same 6200 lbs of force directly with a pneumatic cylinder at 80 psi would take a 10” bore cylinder.

With available output pressures exceeding 40,000 psi and a large range of possible fluids, boosters can be a great solution to some tricky problems. Get in touch with us and let our hydraulic cylinder manufacturing company know about your particular application and we’ll find you the right product to match.