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Depending on your industry needs, there are various types of hydraulic cylinders designed for your intended application. Some of the most common types in the industry are single and double-acting weld rod cylinders, single and double-acting telescopic cylinders, and custom cylinders. At Canara Hydraulics, we specialize in the manufacturing and distribution of hydraulic cylinders for various industry leaders.

Custom hydraulic cylinders are available for those that need a size, shape, extension stroke, or return stroke that is not achievable through our default designs. We typically craft our cylinders from steel, but can also use a custom material if your application calls for it.

Single-acting weld rod cylinders are hydraulic cylinders that only use hydraulic force in one direction on the extension stroke, relying on weight or spring to bring the cylinder back on the return stroke. These are popular in many applications, from construction clamps to car gasoline engines, and are ideal for simplicity and reliability.

Telescopic cylinders are similar to rod cylinders, but are designed for a greater extension stroke and a smaller return stroke. Those these are typically seen as single acting, telescopic cylinders can be either single or double acting, depending on the intended application. 

Through Canara Hydraulics, we can accommodate almost all of our clients needs. This is one of the reasons we are one of the topmost hydraulic manufacturing company in India.