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Hydraulic system heat contamination issues can be caused by different factors. With heat loading issues occurring from different sources, it is important to determine the correct cause of overheating for your hydraulic system. Our hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in India.will tell you more about some common causes of hydraulic system overheating. 

Know the common causes of hydraulic system heat contamination

Hydraulic fluid temperature

Higher hydraulic fluid temperatures can also create low viscosity issues. Maintaining normal viscosity levels allows your hydraulic system to function without added concerns about pump and valve wear and damage due to low viscosity.

Pressure concerns

Pressure issues can cause lack of fluid flow through your system. Pressure drop can occur due to lack of fluid flow through your system, resulting in higher operating temperatures and overheating.

Fluid flow issues

Lack of fluid flow throughout your hydraulic system can cause motor issues as well as pump malfunctions and failure. Damage to your motor or pumps can require repair or component replacement.


Hydraulic system overheating problems can be caused by different factors, including high heat hydraulic oil temperatures as well as system design pressure issues. For quality hydraulic cylinders, you can contact our hydraulic cylinder manufacturers in India. 


While system damage from heat load can occur at any time, there are ways you can reduce and minimize system overheating. Troubleshooting tips for preventing hydraulic system overheating include:

  • Check fluids and viscosity levels
  • Check the reservoir for any blockages or contamination concerns
  • Inspect potential pressure valve and pump malfunction issues
  • Visually inspect components and system locations where misalignment can cause issues
  • Decrease the heat load/pressure drops