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When a long stroke is required in a tight space, a Telescoping Hydraulic Cylinder is the ideal solution. A telescopic hydraulic cylinder is popular in many industries, especially in mobile applications. The main advantage of this cylinder design is its ability to provide an exceptionally long stroke while maintaining a relatively short retracted length. Therefore, when mounting space is tight and a long stroke is required, a telescopic cylinder is the answer.

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A telescopic cylinder, also called a multi-stage cylinder, can have a collapsed length as small as 20% of the fully extended cylinder length depending on the number of stages.

A common application for a multi-stage cylinder is the dump body on a dump truck. In order to empty a load completely, the dump body must be raised sometimes to an angle of 60 degrees. A single rod cylinder is not suitable here as the retracted length would need to be longer than the required stroke. A dump truck chassis cannot accommodate this collapsed length and a telescopic cylinder is the ideal solution.


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