We believe that people are our valuable asset and the company rewards hard & smart Work, knowledge and commitment with passion to excel. We encourage our employees to contribute their best to help them grow along with the Organisation.

We focus in developing our team member’s competencies to develop their careerthrough several performance enhancement methods. The right person will be rewarded adequately commensurate to their performance and value addition in their respective area of work. Our culture is to improve the innovative system of work so that every employee can excel in their respective area of work to contribute to organisational and personal growth.

Employee Engagement Programmes:-

Canara Hydraulics enjoys a very long-term Employee Engagement programs to improve the wellness of Employees at their work, People Relations & Team-work, improving their competencies at work & other initiatives such as Awarding Best Employee on various aspects at work, Long-Term Service Awards, Birthday Celebration, Newly Married Employee celebration with gifts, rewarding very good academic records of employee’s children, employee’s Orientation programs. Annual Day Celebrations are regular initiatives of the Organisation, and the preparations and the competitions starts 3 months before the Annual day celebrations of the company. Annual Sports Day celebrations are completely designed, planned and conducted by employees and awards are given to the winning teams in games, Cultural Competition, Yoga Class. Ayudha Pooja Celebration is conducting by employees with each department trying to compete in cleaning and decorating their machines by themselves, Women’s Day are also celebrated by the women employees. We also encourage and conduct Quarterly Open Communication meeting to promote two way transparent communications between the employees and the organisation.

Organisation Development (OD) initiatives are also held to improve the vision and to resolve organization problems through Team-Work and task-force formation which are regularly monitored.


All the above have nourished healthy Industrial Relations and has also improved employee Relations in the company and has facilitated in the Employee’s & Organisation’s growth initiatives.

If you want to be part of a fast growing organisation and enjoy a rewarding experience and feel like being in a good family history, you can reach us by sending your resume to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.